Earth Drummer Extract

ED To Do Quote The following extract is from ‘Earth Drummer’ by Echo Fox, available now from Amazon Kindle, and is coming soon to Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Google Books.

‘Now, you’ve seen already a small amount of what we can do. A dream walk into the shadow land can be used to great effect to banish bad spirits, summon good ones, talk with one’s totem –‘

‘I can talk to Tern in the shadow land?’ burst out Gentian, excitedly. Flecks of berry-stained bread flew from his mouth and Tarek made a small moue of distaste.

Embarrassed, Gentian wiped his mouth and tried again.

‘What do you mean, ‘talk’ with Tern?’ he asked, trying to spell out his question with a more dignified air than an excited two year old.

‘Just that.’ Said Tarek, annoyingly blasé about the whole business. ‘Now, pay attention.’


Tarek fixed Gentian with a look and Gentian lowered his eyes and continued to eat his breakfast.

Not fair, to just drop a gem of information like that and then not explain it! He thought to himself.

Tuning back in to what Tarek was saying, Gentian began to listen closely in fascination.

‘You’ve got the sorcerers in Pyrrhos, with their flashy magics.’ Said Tarek, offhandedly. ‘But that’s fire for you; quick to catch and quick to blow out.’

He paused.

‘Earth magic is slower, it takes time. Earth magic is not instant gratification – but if you put down good roots, the magic grows strong.’

Gentian nodded, wide eyed.

‘It is worth remembering that, Gentian.’ Tarek said, looking past his pupil and down the path leading up from the stronghold. Gentian turned to look and saw two visitors coming slowly up the winding pathway, a basket full of Shaman gifts clutched in one of their hands. Sighing, Gentian tidied away breakfast, knowing that now the theory was over and it was time for a practical lesson to begin.’


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