The Creatures of Aither

The tribal realm of Aither sees its people, the Zephyrus, live in small communities of about 250 +/- people in the mountains. The thickly forested land below provides the perfect hunting grounds for the flying Zephyrus to hone their skills and find food.

But what is it that they hunt?

Their prey, the Daiku, are slithery reptilian creatures. Both scaled and feathered, they bridge the gap between early aerial dinosaurs and modern day avians. They appear in a variety of camouflaged colours, dun browns, forest greens, greys and dappled. With long whip-like tails, wings trimmed in claws and vicious jaws, these creatures live in family groups. Usually nesting high up in the canopy of the forest, Daiku are defensive by nature and natural prey for the hunting Zephyrus.

Of course, in Air Riders, Tai notices that the Daiku behaviours seem to be undergoing an odd change…


Where there is prey, there are usually predators nearby and in this case the Zephyrus are not the only hunters the Daiku need to concern themselves with.

The Riku are considerably larger, earth bound reptiles. Hugely agile, their wings are stunted and changing gradually, generation after generation, into forearms. Armed with dangerous hook claws for climbing trees, they commonly seek out Daiku nests to feast on the eggs while the Daiku circle in terror, shrieking. Their powerful jaws and serrated teeth are made for ripping flesh and they are masters of disguise due to their shadowy fur and vestigial feathers.

They have been known to attack hunting parties of Zephyrus and Tai and the other hunters are constantly on guard for a surprise attack from these beasts, although they usually keep to the forests where their speed and camouflage are best utilised.



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