God Profile: Demeter


Where does Demeter come from originally?

The goddess Demeter is well known in Greek mythology as an earth mother, a green-thumbed lady associated with the seasons and the harvest.

In Earth Drummer, she is venerated by the Cereans as their goddess of the farm, of agriculture and the lead goddess on the godwheel. She is worshipped at dusk and her season is the Autumn. Her totem animal is a large snake, Adlan.

The Cereans are respectful of all four gods, due to the need for balance in their work and an appreciation of each season leading to a successful harvest.

What characteristics does Demeter have?

A mother to Persephone, Demeter embodies everything a parent is. She is stern, generous and fiercely loving and it is this mix that makes her such an important role model for the earthy Cerean people.

How is Demeter revered in Cerean culture?

In Earth Drummer, the Shaman and religious centre of the community performs a spirit walk upon each new child’s birth. In the spirit walk, a particular spirit guide will make itself known to the Shaman and this spirit guide will occupy the body of it’s corresponding animal presence on Pangaea to help comfort and guide the child through their life. In Cerean culture, Demeter is known to have a snake totem, named Adlan, although totems are not widely known about outside of Cerea.

Demeter oversees a special harvest festival in Earth Drummer, the Eleusina. In this festival, a representative of her daughter Persephone is chosen to work good among the people. The Shaman also works special drum magic to encourage a good harvest and to bind all the elements to ensure a successful growing year. It is a time for celebration, for feasting and for story telling.


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