Getting Past Procrastination

Is there anyone, anywhere, who can 100% avoid procrastination?

Whether you are sitting down to write your first novel, your tenth book or even just your dissertation, we’ve all fallen foul of the procrastination beast before – after all; this world has kittens. How could you not?

Still, sometimes you actually need to get stuff done. Be it a looming deadline, a personal promise or a challenge issued to you by a flatmate with the last of the chocolate hidden away in her room (true story).

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How to beat the procrastination beast?

So how do you beat the driving need to check Facebook just One. Last. Time? It’s not easy. It isn’t even simple. You see, what you need is this contraption called ‘The Anti Gravity Focus & Flying Switcheroo Machine for Getting Things Done.’ However, unfortunately, that has yet to be invented. Frankly, someone should work on getting a snappier name for it too.

Basically, if you need to prioritise. If your book is important to you, if your publishing deadline (self-imposed or not) is creeping up behind you, if you actually want to write it…then get to it. Make an agreement with yourself to spend an hour checking your mail, your Facebook, your Twitter, the twenty other accounts you are active on. Then write a word. Maybe two. Push yourself, go broke, get a full sentence out there on the page.

More often than not, getting that first line of words down sparks something within you and before you know it you have two pages of text staring back into your astonished face. Of course, then you can reward yourself. Victoriously nom on that chocolate. Check Facebook for the umpteenth time. Or maybe, just maybe, keep writing and get ahead of yourself.

You can do it, I have every confidence.

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