Earth Drummers Price Drop Countdown

Earth Drummer is currently on an Amazon Price Drop Countdown 20th – 23rd November so you can download Gentian, Geanna and the whole story for 99p!

Find the deal here!



See what others are saying about Earth Drummers on Amazon & Goodreads;

‘I liked that fact that although this book clearly links to Book 1, it has a very different story line. Gentian shows true strength of character. Looking forward to Book 3 coming out this autumn!’ – VWebb

‘Out of the series, for some reason this one was my favorite! I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. If you like close knit books with a touch of fantasy you will enjoy this.’ – Carrie January

‘As the world surrounding the main character Gentian falls into chaos you’re able to live the decisions made as he struggles with life changing twists. As his life changes from stable and known to drama, fire and action the book kicks into a new gear and into an adventure to save the town.’ – Alex Dovey

‘This books really hints at the size of the world that has been created for this series, and really brings a whole new country to life! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!’ – Justin Roche


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