Trick or Treat: Free Ebook for Halloween

Dusty Books

Welcome to my part of the Trick or Treat Bloghop for Halloween, where free ebooks are candy! Read on…

Crack open the creaky door, peer into the gloom and inside a dim and dusty room you will see a dark figure slowly moving about. You discern that she is piling books high and you look around and see that actually, all the furniture in the room is nothing more than stacks upon stacks of books. You continue to push the door open, amazement at the wealth of books inside causing you to forget that you were meant to be an unseen visitor…

The women spins round to face you as the door lets out an ominous squawk. Her voluminous robes swirl around her and the dust flies. Spiders scuttle over the floor towards you and you shudder, but stand your ground.

‘Uh…trick, trick or treat?’ You question, nervous now as the women glares at you. Your own Halloween costume, rumpled from an evening of gallivanting around the neighbourhood feels tawdry. Your mask slips and you feel suddenly vulnerable. The women approaches.

‘I don’t deal in candy.’ She states.

You stammer an apology and make to turn around, to leave, but you find yourself transfixed to the ground. She looks you up and down, then smiles. Your heart races. What is she going to do?

Reaching behind her, she grabs something and then thrusts it into your face. You close your eyes, certain something terrible will be in her hands, another spider maybe? Worse?

‘You can have a book instead.’ The women says, kindly. ‘Books are better than candy anyway.’

Leave me your email to be sent a free copy of either Wave Singers or Earth Drummer. If you have read both already, send me the links to your reviews and I’ll send you a free copy of Air Riders.


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You can read more about this great idea here.

Happy Halloween!


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