Wave Singers Soundtrack

Music to listen to while reading about the mermaids of Wave Singers

If you’re reading Wave Singers, or you’ve finished up and want to relive some of Merry’s adventures, thoughts and feelings, then check out the playlist! I’ve put together a soundtrack of songs that I listened to while writing the characters that I feel really bring the book to life.

1. Paramore – ‘crushcrushcrush’

2. HAIM – ‘Running If You Call My Name’

3. Lana del Ray – ‘Summertime Sadness’

4. Siren’s Song

5. Lucy Hale – ‘You Sound Good to Me’

6. Fun – ‘Some Nights’

7. Siren Music – ‘Queen of the Sea’

8. Rudimental – ‘Not Giving In’

9. Maroon 5 – ‘Misery’

10. Enya – ‘Sail Away’

See if you can match up the tracks to their corresponding scenes in the book – drop me a line on Twitter @EchoFoxBooks to let me know if you’re feeling it!


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